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Fractured Smiles

The Project

Even in the most dire of circumstances people tend to smile in front of my camera. I like to think it’s due to the prospect of being immortalized.

All my experience though tells me it’s most likely due to the intimacy of the situation – and our inherent instinct to please.

So – people usually accommodate me. Even in those moments when they’re weary and not really up for it, they almost always obliges.

My long acquired sensibilites as a photographer makes me wary of their apprehension. At the same time – the mutual acknowledgement of the moment is based on an ephemeral notion that for a fraction of a second time pauses and forever bonds us.

This project – Fractured Smiles –
 is a homage to the thousands of people I have fixed to my focal plane. I hope the viewer upon closer inspection will sense that inherent and mixed feeling of reluctance and inquisitiveness coming through, and hopefully stir some emotion and – most importantly – reflection on the human condition.


”My promise could be your fiend
A given end to your dreams
A nervous bride for your eyes
A fractured smile that soon dies ”

Dreams Never End, New Order