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Bjørn Moholdt

Bjørn1 kopiI bought my first Nikon FM in my late teens, and photography subsequently led me to journalism. The breaking point was a years stay in the US, where I was introduced to creative writing.

This in turn led me to my home town newspaper, first as a freelance, later as sports writer and news editor. The daily «Finnmark Dagblad» had through the years several legendary photographers on their staff. Especially Kåre Kivijervi made a huge impact, with a lyrical and an iconic feature photography now featured in The National Gallery.

Later in Oslo I pursued both photography and writing as a career within the field of feature. The last decade I have basically worked as a travel writer and -photographer, eight years as Editor-in-Chief of Norway’s largest travel magazine Reiser & ferie.

For purchase of pictures, articles, questions or other matters, contact me at: bjornmoholdt@mac.com / +47 9050 3961

Twitter: @bjornmoholdt

Facebook: facebook.com/bjorn.moholdt

Instagram: #bjornmoholdt