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   Why not rip out that IKEA photo that came with the frame, and go for a limited edition, high quality print instead?

This selection of prints are images that differ from the more prosaic photos primarily targeted my travel stories in various magazines. These especially chosen fine art prints on the other hand are more individually selected and tuned for use on any wall – big or small – preferably with a fitting frame. For a bargain price, no less.

Prices standard sizes

1200 NOK

2000 NOK

2500 NOK

3250 NOK

All prices exclusive of MVA, handling, postage and framing. Customers will on request also be able to order any size and paper quality.

The prints are limited edition, each signed (on the back or in front) and numbered. Letter of authenticity will be provided.

Standard paper is Archival matte. Available with or without framing. You may also on request buy prints of any of the images on this web site.

For purchase or further inquiries, please contact me on e-mail: bjornmoholdt@mac.com, or phone +47 9050 3961.

At the web gallery Galleri DAGAS you can buy my prints in other formats.